1. Fairness and good sportsmanship shall prevail.


2. Any maltreatment of dogs is forbidden and leads to disqualification.


3. The instructions from the race marshall, chief vet and organisation / stuff must be followed.


4. The minimum starting age of all dogs shall be at least 18 months by first race day. All dogs must be chipped for identification. All dogs need to have a passport that shows their chip number and vaccinations. All dogs shall have valid vaccinations against distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus.
Vaccinations against bordetella and para influenza is highly recommended.


5. No person is allowed to perform any medical treatment to the dogs without authorization by the chief race veterinarian.
Doping is forbidden.


6. Classes:
8-dog class – dog-pool of 12 – no minimum number of dogs
6-dog class – dog-pool of 8 – no minimum number of dogs
Skijöring with 2 dogs out of a pool from 3 dogs


7. When a team is being passed, the overtaken team shall considerable slow down, if possible with the braking pad and not with the claw brake.
If the overtaking musher requests it; the overtaken team must stop – if at all possible with the braking pad. Fairness and good sportsmanship shall prevail.


8. All mushers must wear a helmet. All musher meetings are mandatory.


9. E


The sled shall be equipped with two snowhooks, a sledbag and a braking pad. In the sledbag there shall be space for 2 dogs .The braking pad shall be reachable with both heels from the runners and shall be equipped with good functional flap mechanism. In addition the braking pad shall be equipped with nails or chains.


10. Dogs that can no longer run in the team during a stage, must be carried to the finish line inside the sledbag

11. Liabilty insurance is mandatory. All mushers need to sign a declaration that they participate in the race on their own risk.


12. Time limit
The race marshal may take a team out of the competition if two consecutive stages are not within 160% of the average time of the first 3 teams in this class.


13. Annotation:
By registering, the participant declares that the personal data contained in the notification can be stored and that these, as well as the photos, film recordings and interviews made in connection with the event, can be published in broadcasting, television, advertising, books and on our website without compensation.



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