There are moments in life you will never forget: 21 years Lutz knocked on my door, "The Alpirod is canceled - should we organize a follow-up?". We both had no idea that this was the birth of Alpen-Trail, a very special race that has changed the central-european sleddog-scene.

Alpentrail and the name Lutz Binzer are very close linked. He put his stamp on this race like no one else and made it one of the safest high alpine races. You everytime could rely on, when he gave his "ok" for a Trail, which were rarely easy, but always safely passable.

For many of us it was simply "the race". It was nearly perfect: a super Staff-crew, nice Mushers (many of them have become our friends) and great scenery with challenging Trails.
A dream come true.

After 20 years of Alpentrail now the era Lutz comes to an end and we are confronted with the same question "should we organize a new middle distance race?" And the answer is the same, never let die such a great race.

Long live the Alpentrail!


Lutz - I would like to say thank you from my heart. Without you this race would not exist and we would have missed a lot of awful times.


Heini Winter


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