History of Alpen-Trail:

In 1995, suddenly and unexpectedly the Alpirod was canceled. Lutz Binzer and I made quit fast the decision to not let the race die completly. The Alpirod was a landmark in many ways, not only in Europe. It was the most importnat and best organized stage race in sleddogsports and brought us  many new things such as Stage race, Reverse-Start (= fastest mushers starts last), a dog pool, very challinging trails, super organization with international staff-team and last but not least super beautiful trails in the Alps. We wanted a Alpirod - light in "slimmed" version to continue. The idea of a significantly less stressful race on the most beautiful trails in Europe was our dream. The Alpen-Trail should realize it.

Two obstacles had to be overcome. Where to get a staff team of about 24 people and how to find a sponsor to carry the costs of the race? To our own surprise we quickly found the staff team among our friends and veteran Alpirod helpers. To the helpers and sponsors I would like to say thank you again very much. Their affords are far beyond the usual standards. I also thank the participating athletes who always had a fair competition and "sometimes" also super parties.


Heini Winter

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